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Run your own online telephone business in minutes for free!

ASKOOL makes selling your advice and expertise on the Internet simple and easy. Everything you need is built right in: storefront, Internet controlled phone connection, payment method, management interface, hosting, and more. And it’s free! Make a difference in other people’s lives and in your life!

Open an account
To give advice on ASKOOL, you must first register in order to open your account. Opening an account is easy and free. Simply go to “Register” and fill out the form. You have to provide some personal information, particularly your phone number, email address, and to choose a Member name. However, your contact information is never revealed to anyone. It is only used to validate transactions made with your credit card. People calling you will never know your name, phone number and/or email address.

Why do I have to choose a Member Name?
Your Member Name serves as your main identification on ASKOOL to ensure the confidentiality of the activities of Members and Experts. Your Member Name serves also as your contact address in ASKOOL’s messaging system.

List your Expertise – Set your price per minute!
Go to your Expert Office in the MY ASKOOL section and click on “Create a new listing” in the My Listings field! Write a description of your background and skills and explain why your expertise is valuable. You can be creative and use html to enhance your listing. You can also upload a picture of yourself which will be displayed on your Member page and in all of your listings. Listings with pictures attract more visitors. Set the price per minute you’d like to charge. You can always update that price.

Make yourself available – Decide when you would like to take calls!
Your status determines if you are “Ready” to take a call, “Busy” having a phone conversation or “Away”. Only Experts that selected the “Ready” status can receive calls on ASKOOL. If your status is set to “Away”, users won’t be able to click the “Call me” link and won’t be able to initiate a call to you. To change your status, go to your Expert Office in the MY ASKOOL section, select the appropriate status and click on “Change Status”.

While you are receiving a call initiated on ASKOOL, your status is automatically set to “Busy”. When your call initiated on ASKOOL ends, your status is set back to “Ready”. If you receive a call not initiated on ASKOOL, your status won’t automatically change. If your status is set as “ready”, you may miss a call. Please, if you have set your status to “Ready”, keep your phone line open for ASKOOL calls.

Take calls (Your customers never see your phone number!)
If a person clicks the “Call Now” link on your listing, your phone will ring first. After answering, you’ll hear the other party’s phone ring. When your client answers the phone, present yourself and ask how you can help him/her. Your customers never see your phone number and you’ll never see theirs.

Get paid every month
Once your call is completed, you can view its details in your Expert Office. Your account is credited with the amount you earned. You can then request that ASKOOL transfers that amount to you through check, PayPal or Direct Deposit (in Canadian banks only).

Respond to questions
You can also respond to questions posted to our Forum. Clients seeking your service or advice will contact you directly through ASKOOL’s Messaging System or when you are online. When you receive a question, respond with a proposal, describing your service, work schedule and fees.