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Paid Sessions. 
  • When a Member and an Expert want to have a live paid session or to exchange a paid advice, they arrange a price for that service.
  • The Expert must send a bill to that Member by clicking on the name of the Member (top right corner) and clicking on the link 'Send a bill to ...'. The Expert then enters an amount (for ex. '10', for ten dollars) and clicks on the button. The bill is sent!
  • A link and an icon requesting payment of the bill will appear at the top of the screen of the Member who has requested the service. The Member will click on it and follow instructions to pay by credit card, PayPal or with funds available in ASKOOL account.
  • Once the bill is paid, the Expert will see at the top of the screen that the funds have been added to his/her account. The session can start.
  • If the bill or the payment does not appear right away, please, click on the 'refresh' button of your navigator.
Here are a few useful hints.
  • Click on the name of a Member (top right corner) to view his/her picture, to go to his/her Member page and, if needed, to send a bill to that Member. You can also send a WIZZ (ring) to a Member who has become inactive on the chat to let him/her know that you would like to have a conversation...
  • Click on 'Private' (next to a Member name), to chat in private with that Member. A window will open. In private mode, only you and that Member can see the messages sent between the two of you.
  • Type an empty message to refresh chat window immediately.
Some symbols are used to indicate Members logging in, out, etc.
  • A new indicates a Member has logged in.
  • A notify indicates a Member has logged out.