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How do I get paid for the money I earn?
You can be paid in a variety of different ways for the money you earn through ASKOOL. You can request a paper check, a transfer to your PayPal account or Direct Deposit (If your account is in Canada).

How do I make changes to my per-minute fee and other information on my listing?
You can change any information on each of your listings by visiting the Expert Office section of MY ASKOOL. Click the Edit link next to the listing you want to update and scroll to the bottom of the page to update your price. Click on Edit Listing and your changes will be saved immediately. You must repeat this for each listing you would like to update.

What is my status and how do I change it?
Your status determines if you are “Ready” to take a call, “Busy” having a phone conversation or “Away”. Only Experts that selected the “Ready” status can receive calls on ASKOOL. If your status is set to “Away”, users won’t be able to click the “Call me” link and won’t be able to initiate a call to you. To change your status, go to your Expert Office in the MY ASKOOL section, select the appropriate status and click on “Change Status”.

While you are receiving a call initiated on ASKOOL, your status is automatically set as “Busy”. When your call initiated on ASKOOL ends, your status is set back to “Ready”. If you receive a call not initiated on ASKOOL, your status won’t automatically change. If your status is set as “ready”, you may miss a call. Please, if you have set your status as “Ready”, keep your phone line open for ASKOOL calls.

Can feedback left by customers be edited or removed?
We follow some basic rules to help ensure that the feedback system isn't abused. We will remove feedback in the limited situations when it contravenes dispositions of the Member Agreement.

How do I make sure ASKOOL has all of my correct payment information?
It's a good idea to verify that we have the correct payment information for you (Payable to name, payment address, etc). To verify the information you have on file, and make sure you've requested payment, click the "Get My Money" link in your Expert Office in the MY ASKOOL section.