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I've forgotten my Password!
If you've forgotten your password, click on “Forgot password?” and enter the email address with which you registered on ASKOOL. We'll send your password at that email address.

How do I add funds to my account?
You can add funds to your account by credit card, check or direct deposit by clicking on the “Add funds” link. Adding funds is secure since our website benefits from the most advanced encryption security and payments are made through PayPal Secure Server which is a leader in online payments and payments security (About PayPal). ASKOOL accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and all credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards or check cards that are emblazoned with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

What do I do with the funds that are left in my account?
If you have money left over after a call or a purchase, you can use it to talk to other Experts or make other purchases. You can also make a transfer to other Member accounts.

I cannot sign into the website!
If you're unable to sign in, please verify that you're using the correct password. Go to “Forgot password?” and enter the email address under which you registered, and we'll email your password at that email address. Please note that your browser must have cookies enabled.

What do I do if I click "Call Now" and my phone doesn't ring?
Please note that the call can take several seconds to be initiated. If your phone doesn't ring, please check the following: Make sure you've entered the correct phone number by clicking on MY ASKOOL. If you're using the same phone line to make calls and connect to the Internet, remember to disconnect from the Internet immediately after your page displays the message ‘ASKOOL is calling you now’ to free up your phone line to accept the incoming phone call. Make sure any system that blocks unidentified or 800 number calls is not installed on your phone line. You may have to check with your local telephone provider.

If an Expert who was displaying a “Ready” status didn’t take your call (your phone didn’t ring!), please let us know by contacting us at

How do I find an Expert whom I've spoken with in the past?
You can use the My Experts section of "MY ASKOOL" to view a list of all the Experts you've called in the past.

How do I update my Personal Information?
You can update all your personal information, including your member name, password, phone number or email address, by clicking on “My Contact Info” in the MY ASKOOL section. Remember to click the corresponding button in order to save your changes.

How do I check my account balance and account details?
You can review and manage all your account activity, including your account balance, transaction details, call details, purchase details, etc., by visiting the “Billing Info” section of “MY ASKOOL”.

How do I cancel my membership?
To cancel your account, please submit a request to Customer Service by visiting our Contact page.